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Patrick Roy has eatenballs since we first started counting.

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Last updated 06/08/2009

On the verge once again!

Welcome to my little corner of cyber-Hockeytown. Get out your sense of humor everyone. Yes it's tasteless. Yes it's juvenile. And yes.. some of it is funnier than hell. If you can't stand seeing Roy get picked on, by all means, leave now. If you can use a good chuckle, read on. If you like what you see (or hate it), drop me a line. I love those well thought out comments! Especially with the attention to spelling! Keep 'em coming people!

"wow. your really mature. you must defidently have a life to put together a whole web page about the greatest goal tender of all time...not. Ohhhh wait...i get it...your coming out of the closet....i get it now!!! wow!! i want nothing to do with you!! ewww!!! your gross!! I mean cmon look at the facts its obviouse!! you made an entire web page about sucking balls your gross. toddles!!have fun being gay." -
January 16, 2006

I love this guy. He's just awesome. Do his parents know that he's on the Internet after dark? Apparently they don't think much about keeping him in school either. My seven year old writes better than that. We need more letters like this next guy:

"Dude, you are possibly the funniest guy on Earth. Your "Ate My Balls" page with Patrick Roy, is the best. I'm trying to watch my spelling here....I'm generally a good "speller", but I want to be extra careful for you! Anyways, keep up the good work! Stay Cool!"
- Alex xxxxxxxx- {Cataclysmic}
November 21, 2006

Thanks Alex! Send all your friends!! Please send all comments, complaints, praise and money to . But please keep the F-bombs to yourself. .

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This ate my balls page belongs to . The names of the balls have been changed to protect the innocent. This is a work of fiction, any likeness to any balls deceased or living is purely coincidental. No actual balls were harmed in the creation of this page. This page is intended strictly for the amusement of its audience and the author. If it causes you any undo stress or emotional outbursts... Tuff Shit! The author assumes no responsibility for any mistreatment of balls that this page may instigate. No commercial use is inferred or implied.